Reflections of youth, sun high in the sky,

Recall now memories of times gone by;

‘Twas then I first saw the glint from your hair

And thanked all the Gods for being just there.


A stream running through yon meadow of green,

Your sweet form a’gilding that magical scene;

With skin flawless and pure as the lily of grace

And corn coloured curls like a filigree lace.


Amid clusters of Primrose embracing their kind,

Your beauty unleashed recesses of mind,

With never a trace of such poise to compare;

Like velvet of violet so gentle and fair.


Roving Cupid had scored with his arrows at me,

When I watched you wander that meadow lea.

And I looked in the pools of your lovely blue eyes,

Blended from nature’s delicate dyes.


Sure, I felt as though I were walking on air,

My heart in a flutter at a vision so rare;

You spoke and on hearing the lilt of your voice,

I was silenced in awe ‘neath a wave of rejoice.


As your delectable smile became a hesitant kiss,

My consciousness reeled in the nectar of bliss;

That moment for ever to savour and thrill,

I loved you then and I love you still.


Monty Alexander 16.12.04




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