Spectres from their former years

Lurk in the dusk of wounded souls,

Recalling death, the latent fears

and those gone on before.


Time was when all were keen and young,

Oblivious of the toll bell hung,

Silently waiting to be rung,

high in the steeple’s core.


No longer primed in youthful flush,

Only ticking clock to break the hush,

Away the clamour and the rush,

of times long ago.


Snowy locks now shroud the head,

That stores the years forever sped,

Thoughts in the mind remain unsaid,

worth it; Yes or No?


Many robbed of life with future too,

Honeyed homily words in lieu,

From the pulpits did ensue?

but nothing to justify.


Try we must spread salve and seal,

To cast the past in sunken creel,

Let human friendship mend and heal,

be Ireland’s battle cry.


Monty Alexander 6.6.09

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