The essence of time,

elusive mysterious thing;

Accounting for summer,

autumn, winter and spring;

A module of time,

stone in eternity’s wall;

Or is it a ball

surrounding us all?


The future ahead,

past reaching behind;

At the universe centre

a moment you’ll find;

But if time is a line

unswervingly straight;

Time to left and the right

must open debate!


Also, time perpendicular

coming up from low down;

To focus on that

must furnish a frown;

Consider parallel worlds,

each in its own place;

Alternatives and ifs

given credence and space.


Better stay steady

on that which you know;

Lest the puzzle of time,

maddening doubts in you sow;

But the Creator,

knows every path you might take;

So, think long and hard

for your own dear sake.


Monty Alexander 16.5.04

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