The Sea, The Sea the wonderful Sea,

Lashes and washes around you and me;

Moon with the tide covers the scree,

Foaming white horses reach for the lee.


The Sea, The Sea, rolling great deep,

Fishermen casting, so as to reap;

Haven for some to swim or to creep,

Bed for the weed and Dolphin to leap.


The Sea, The Sea, grey, green or blue,

Reflections forever changing its hue;

It has floated the ships, ancient and new,

Sailing the briny, each intrepid crew.


The Sea, The Sea, always just there,

Cauldron of might; what can compare?

Fascination for some to stand and stare,

Mind on the waters, wind in their hair.


The Sea, The Sea, as onward it goes,

Gathers flotsam, jetsam, dances and flows;

It’s beginning and end, nobody knows,

Perhaps on a beach, touching your toes.


Monty Alexander 25.12.97

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