The Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, at a place in the hills near Oslo said he heard a scream from nature and that it was this that inspired him to paint his famous haunting picture ‘The Scream’.




A scream was heard from nature

Where hills and valley blend;

A haunting cry so shrill and pure

The Nordic air did rend.


Recorded by the Artist’s brush

A figure of gaunt despair;

Painted in dire darkened flush,

For one to stand and stare.


No hope shows upon this face

Of grim surreality;

Futility and fear of every race

Wherever they may be.


An endless shiver reaches out

From that Maestro past;

Touching all; the meek, the stout,

A thought conveyed to last.


Oh! Edvard Munch did you foresee,

Your merging of mind and skill,

Mesmerise the world and me

By a moment in life’s mill?


Monty Alexander 18.2.05

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