I see the beauty of a Rose

in abundance lush and pink,

A miracle of creation

affecting what I think.


You stand in proud majesty

with blossoms to the Bee,

But your barbs are cruel

for one who fails to see.


Fragrance of your garniture

wafting on the breeze,

Gilds the thought and eases all

of those it finds to please.


For sincerity or love’s grace

you are the gift to give,

Displaying tender passions

lasting longer than we live.


Oh! Why did God create you?

So perfect and so rare;

Was it for mankind to wonder,

at such detail and his flair?


There are blooms to outshine you

some would argue and propose,

Yet for me there is no equal

to the petals of a Rose.


Monty Alexander 25.6.00

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