SEASONS – Hugh Alexander 1909

The springtime comes, the leaves and flowers appear

And butterflies and bees pursue again,

Their journeys o’er the meadows and the hills;

The days grow warmer and the bloom appears,

Upon the trees and perfume fills the air.

The birds assume a brighter dress and sound;

Among the woods a louder sweeter song.

Then summer comes and shallow murmuring streams,

Flow half hidden by the tow’ring sedge,

And o’er the pools and verdure of the bogs,

Flash the clear wings of gorgeous dragon flies.

The juicy fruit gleams on the garden trees

And fields of grain turn yellow and mature,

Beneath the warm benevolence of the sun.

The autumn comes, the crops are gathered in,

And men rejoice if ‘Fortune’ has been kind.

It is a pleasant time which is begemmed ,

By moonlight that is brightest of the year;

By fresh invigorating misty dawns,

And sunsets that make more lovely still,

The wisp’ring woods and their decaying leaves.


Hugh Alexander 1909

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