ROSALEEN – Hugh Alexander 1913

One bright May morning on a hill,

Beside the River Bann;

Amid a grove of shady trees,

My love for her began.

In Ballievey gathering flowers,

That morning she had been;

And that is where I chanced to meet,

The blushing Rosaleen.


The birds were fluttering in the trees

As from the scene they fled;

And snowy showers of hawthorn bloom

Descended on her head.

Her arms were full of meadow flowers,

But all their brilliant dyes,

Were pale beside her glowing cheeks,

And dark blue Irish eyes.


Her glossy curls of raven hair

Were tossing in the breeze,

Her ruddy lips might fit deceive

The sight of honey bees;

Sure no one knows what beauty is,

If they have never seen,

The girl I met that merry day,

My lovely Rosaleen.


Hugh Alexander 1913

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