Oh, Rambling Rose I see you grow

In profusion through the hedge;

I watch you weave to seek a place

At every nook and mortared ledge.


Abundantly your buds appear

Like little drops of dew;

A sign of coming scarlet rosettes,

Blossoms for all to view.


Then you’ll bask in proud display

On vantage points facing the Sun;

Along the hedge and up over the wall,

Everywhere your tentacles run.


The days must pass and your petals fall

Upon the Earth like rain;

I’ll look at you as your glory fades

With your foliage plain again.


The miracle of your creation

Was adornment meant to be;

For you to entwine, seek out and find

And bring joy to the Honey Bee.


Some you sustain with the nectar of life,

In your prime for us to observe;

Year after year, you bring pleasure to man

And the creatures that you serve.


Monty Alexander 5.12.96

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