Recession! Recession! On everyone’s lips,

The plotting and planning has failed;

Financial advisors all gone with their tips,

The engine of fortune derailed.


The Premier talks of skill in the workplace,

Never there himself in the past;

Manufacturers to put us back in the race,

Rising from where they were cast.


Grey suited figures call for rallying round,

Men who’ve never driven a screw;

Used to easier ways for the proverbial pound,

Than to sweat in the manual stew.


Analysts and Seers in markets of doom,

Look for causes and someone to blame;

They weave a verbal fabric on a mystical loom,

With the outlook remaining the same.


The salve is spread thick in rhetorical speak,

“Hold your nerve markets always recover”;

Past monetary schemes of deception do reek,

The punter to his cost will discover.


Collectors of tax, the rent and the rate,

From their purpose do not refrain;

Increasing all charges with no great debate,

For them still all grasp and gain.


The Wee Man reels in shock and despair,

Everything he was told he believed;

His money is gone with cunning and flair,

And they point to small print he received.


When seeking to see his Financial Guru,

Whether Banker, Agent of Broker;

Someone else will emerge to see him in lieu,

Having replaced the previous Joker.


Monty Alexander 7.2.10




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