The balance of nature, what a wonderful thing,

Brings forth the blossom as the birds sing,

And leaves on the trees burst outward and spread,

In delicate spring when winter has fled.


Producers of honey, buzz along on the wing,

Sweet nectar gleaned, to hives they will bring,

Pollen on stamens, they brush and transfer,

Tiny servants of nature toiling with care.


Vegetation’s kind kingdom a host to all life,

Grows in abundance with absence of strife,

A gift from our God to cover the land,

Now man in his folly has taken a hand.


He says that his tampering is to meet need,

The wise know it could be connected to greed;

No mind of the creatures, on plants to depend,

Scanning with scopes for genes that will blend.


Through test, trial and theory, variations are sought;

The path that they tread with danger is fraught;

Destroying small beings that fly, creep or crawl,

A new world emerging; a nightmare for all.


Monty Alexander 2.6.99

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