Five score years are past and flown,

Since our kin to the fore did stand;

Amidst the seeds of conflict sown,

To spawn this Northern Land.


It is with thanks that we recall,

Deliverance in the hour of need;

From ‘neath rebellion’s deathly pall,

Unbending stance to future lead.


And thus, to hold the sacred ground,

Night and day with watchful eye;

Survival instinct all around,

In defence, to live or die.


The foe resorting to another day

As upon them turned the tide;

With opposing force upon display,

In abeyance their time to bide.


Thereafter reigned the fragile peace,

Generations shadowed by those afore;

But tranquillity was sure to cease,

As lurking strife emerged once more.


And terror ‘scaped across the land,

‘Left’ and ‘Right’ in vengeful lust;

In the middle ground again to stand,

Call to the stalwart and the just.


Let not drums against each other beat;

Reach out in friendship to all here;

Let not the past again repeat,

‘Helmsman of Peace’ our ships to steer.


No harmony to be in a granite stone,

To celebrate this Northern Land;

So to contemplate; reconcile, atone;

I vow to thee; this verse to stand.


               Monty Alexander 3.5.2021

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