The Slieve of Donard up on high

Above reflecting sea;

Around the bay a town doth lie,

Sheltering in the lee.


A slender spire points heavenward,

Of tapering granite stone;

Glistening blocks of quarry shard,

Raised to stand alone.


Deep waters change to lustrous blue,

Sun following on the dawn;

Mountains still in darkened hue,

Nightly shadows gone.


Birds greet the light in song and flight,

Life awakening all around;

Late in the day most wondrous sight,

Swallows skim the ground.


Alternating tide ‘cross bouldered beach,

Slave to Lunar power;

To kiss the land each inward reach,

Every day, the month, the hour.


Draped cloth of cloud o’er yonder hill,

Crash of thunder sounding;

Heaven and Earth imposing mighty will

Anoints with rain abounding.


Before Mankind e’r trod the world,

Or sailed a far-flung ocean;

Or pride dictated flags unfurled,

These things were all in motion.


Monty Alexander 31.7.09

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