As I strolled along in sunset bower,

My vision picked a wandering flower;

With the grace of a bird in flight,

Her eyes were sparkling with delight.


Gilded ‘gainst the setting sun,

Slowly she began to turn;

Thus, her gaze found me just there,

Lost for speech I could but stare.


Then my beating heart began to dance,

Quickened by love’s lightening lance;

I felt not there upon the ground,

My thoughts a’reeling all around.


Amusement written o’er that face,

Watched me close within that place;

With curious look she said “Hello”,

Her perfect form seemed all aglow.


My heart there tied to her alone,

I sensed it then as set in stone;

There we stayed till the hour was late,

Our years ahead defined by fate.


Monty Alexander 23.8.12


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