In Consideration of My Friend AHMED HASSAY


I met an unbeliever, accepting just what he’d seen,

The trees, the sky, the water, places where he had been.


Show me your God Jehovah and like you I will believe,

Said I this I cannot do, but before you take your leave.


Reflect on things you do not see, yet we know they’re there,

Sounds you hear, what we feel, and don’t forget the air.


The God for whom you search is with you all around,

Walking the Earth along with you and growing on the ground.


Also consider life existing, in the waves below,

Going about its business, in a place you cannot go.


Bear in mind the birds that fly, in air we just can’t see,

I hope you are convinced my friend, listening to my plea.


Then I met a Moslem a darker man than I,

An Egyptian of the Nile from beneath a burning sky.


He talked to me of Allah, living miracles that he knew,

A man of balanced wisdom, with a reasoned point of view.


We considered Pyramids, the Sphinx and many other things,

Including those hidden places, in the Valley of the Kings.


He spoke reverently of this Earth and its life unique,

Enraptured with the mysteries, to solve, his mind did seek.


From an ancient culture, contained in the shifting sand,

This quiet son of Ishmael spoke of his native land.


Here was a man of different creed a different creed than I,

But here was a man of similar view on whom I could rely.


You see, Allah that he spoke of, the Creator of everything,

Is your and my Jehovah of whom the faithful sing.


Monty Alexander 2.7.96

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