On the thirty-first of October

In the coming of the year,

The night is full of Witches

And the people full of fear.


On looking up above

One might see a few Banshees

Moaning and a’howlin’

As they wind among the trees.


Warlocks, Ghosts and Spectres

Will fill you full of dread,

And no one wants to travel far

In case they meet the dead.


If you were out in the dark

And met someone from the past;

They could be a Demon

And a spell on you might cast.


We pride ourselves in other things

Of being a ‘Hardy Race’,

And say there is no danger

We cannot safely face.


Remembering ‘Oul Wives’ tales

That as a child we heard,

Rattlin’ chains could remind us

And we would be a’scared.


On reflection I’ll just sit here

And await the break of day;

Then with my fears behind me,

I’ll be on my way.


Monty Alexander 2010.95


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