Whether your eye be brown or blue,

Your skin black or white;

Under God you’ll get your due,

But equality in his sight.


The turbaned wallah in the dust,

Beneath a scorching sky;

A beggar searching for a crust

Or sheltered place to lie.


Despise not these of low degree,

For whom ambition is unheard;

To live each day their only plea

And the next day to be spared.


Brother and sister on life’s path,

Be kind to your fellow man;

Taint not your soul with cruel wrath,

Help others when you can.


The spark of destiny shaped us all,

Regardless of our station;

Glory is for some the call,

Within unique creation.


Perhaps preordained a path from birth;

A name to open every door;

Or obscurity on this ancient earth,

Alms from others to implore.


Use your gifts and talents well;

Aware of fearful and the meek;

They exist with no great tale to tell;

To live in peace is all they seek.


The leader basking in the limelight;

His mantle as a beacon shines;

Those seeking succour in his sight,

Homage occupies their minds.


One sure thing in line of time ongoing

As our lives career along;

Our mortal end is always nearing;

When we’ll leave where we belong.


Monty Alexander 30.5.03

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