CARNAGE (Remembering Lord Louis Mountbatten and others)

The dogs of death they did their bit,

that fateful day in seventy-nine;

Conceived in the depths of hatred’s pit,

to oblivion they did consign.


A Peer of the Realm a target there,

children amongst the dead;

Those callous killers did not care

as from that scene they sped.


More deadly still a deed to be,

on soldiers of the Crown;

Beside the inlet from the sea,

on a road to Newry Town.


Warriors seared and torn asunder,

their very flesh on fire;

Survivors maimed amid the thunder

a deathly scene of horror dire.


Then a second blast to trail the first,

viewed from vantage o’er the water;

Killers slaking their deadly thirst,

human suffering did not matter.


They still must face another shore

across the River Styx to steer;

To join their ilk gone on before,

thieves of life and futures dear.


                                            Monty Alexander 27.8.2019


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