Calm is that time before the morn, with daylight about to begin.

Calm is the quiet of an empty Church, far from everyday din.


Calm is the sea before the wild wind, causes the waters to flow.

Calm is the watchful wily old Owl above its kingdom below.


Calm is the Burn in a ribbon to run through the fields of green.

Calm is the Bee in perpetual toil serving its ‘Meadow Queen’.


Calm is the sound of foliage disturbed, rustling in the breeze.

Calm is the Hawk hovering high, air currents ridden with ease.


Calm are the waves of ripening corn, reflecting summer’s glare.

Calm is the Foal on unsteady legs, close to its mother Mare.


Calm are the Primroses all together, on banks beneath the thorn.

Calm are the caws of rookery Crows at twilight and the morn.


Calm is the Heron stalking its prey, motionless ready to strike.

Calm is the Fisherman with his lured line, each are so alike.


Calm is the Babe in its mother’s arms, snug and warm in repose.

Calm is the one on the rocking chair, having a midday doze.


Calm is the silence and still of night, as one reflects the day.

Calm is the Mother her chores done, observing her child at play.


Calm are those content in their faith, ‘God’ to be their guide.

Calm in the belief they’re not alone, on this world to abide.


Calm is that hope based on a rock, as the scriptures have said.

Calm was the One at Calvary and who for us has bled.


Monty Alexander 23.6.98



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