December’s sun is glistening

On the foliage of the Pine;

Chillled, I stand a’listening

As beams of light define.


Snow! Crisp upon the ground,

Silhouetted trees so still;

A Robin’s chirp! The only sound

Trying to find its fill.


A Wagtail with its funny gait

Marches up and down;

Sparrows join and congregate

With feathers tawny brown.


Sudden Starlings overhead

Causes consternation;

As they drop upon the bread

A delectable occasion.


But bigger wings come in at speed,

The Seagull and the Crow;

An urgency in them to feed

On what is spread below.


From a twig a cautious Dove

Eyes the milling mass;

Symbol of all peace and love

Waits for the strife to pass.


Monty Alexander 4.12.03

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