Groomsport Harbour – Artist – Ian Corry (Canada)


Groomsport is a little town

On the coast of County Down,

I often sit on its Harbour wall

Listening to the seagull’s call.

I hear the waves lap the shore

At other times they crash and roar,

I then will rest within the lee

And watch the foam backed angry sea.

In the habitat of this human race,

This coast must have a special place.

On the waters I see unfold

Heroic dramas perhaps untold,

When Groomsport men sailed the seven seas

On wooden ships in all degrees.

Others answered the patriotic call

And in foreign fields did fall.

Above the harbour is an obelisk

Reminding us of sacrifice and risk,

So that here we can always be

In little Groomsport by the sea.


Monty Alexander 3.3.95

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