Travelling along to Crawfordsburn

you’ll come on Nature’s bower,

Where ivy and buttercups abound

and trees above them tower.

Here and there one also sees

the subtlety of the fern,

Clinging to the mossy banks

or protruding from a cairn.

At its given time a shimmering sea

of blue and delicate bell,

Another wistful adornment

to hold you in its spell.

The oak, the beech and chestnut

touch in profusion there,

And just like Eden’s garden

a place unique and rare.

To see it at its most sublime

is in early morning light,

When sunbeams of silver penetrate

a glorious stunning sight.

Year by year the seasons flow

over our beloved land;

To watch Earth’s changing mantle,

tis at Crawfordsburn I’ll stand.

Monty Alexander 2.6.96


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