Will there be Snobs in Heaven

still looking down their nose,

To show that they’re superior

and everybody knows?


Will intellects be levelled

on passing through the gate?

If so there will be protests

spawning much debate.


Will prejudice still flourish

if souls are all transparent?

If so, they’ll need be labelled

to keep the status quo apparent.


Will education all be carried

into that other sphere,

With Professors still Professors

just as it is down here?


Will ownership of earthly goods

be recognised up there,

Title, Deed or Coronet, to guarantee

a greater share?


Will there be disappointment

when some perceive their lot,

On realising equality is the only

reward they’ve got?


Enough! Of speculative nonsense

about what lies in wait,

A good life is worth living

regardless of your fate!


Monty Alexander 3.8.09

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