As I rested here outside my door

On a long-gone summer’s day;

I viewed mountain top to valley floor

Where Burn waters play.


Faithful dog always at my side,

Alert and crouching down;

Watched every nook and leafy hide

With eye of blue and brown.


At that time of year a mild air

Meandered o’er the hill;

‘Twas then I saw my true love fair,

Wild vision the eye to thrill.


Head held high in forthright stride,

Hair tousled in the breeze;

Free as the birds on this hillside,

Her contours moved with ease.


The golden mane upon her head

Glinted in the light;

Pale of face and lips of red

A proud tantalising sight.


Through passing years we grew old,

Our offspring free and gone;

Oh! At times I  see that vision bold,

Her skipping along like a fawn.


Snow of life’s winter fell on her hair,

Frame bent from survival and toil;

But I love her still, resting just there,

At one with the hillside soil.


Her spirit is here o’er the heather to roam,

As mists cloud my ageing eye;

In whispering winds around this home,

Until with her I lie.


Monty Alexander 23.12.97


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