A brilliance burning in the heavens a star to point the way,

High up in the night sky, guiding the wise to where He lay.

They trekked from a distant land to the Manger’s lighted gloom,

Searching for the ‘Christ Child’, cradled in that lowly room.

These men of a learned race, paid homage in that place;

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, to Him of ‘Godly Grace’.

As Mary held the child to her she was amazed to see,

People who had travelled far, to meet Him who had to be.

Micah’s prophesy fulfilled, each marvelled in his mind;

Here the Babe in swaddling clothes; a ‘Saviour’ for mankind.

The living ‘Lamb of God’ foretold in scriptures of the past,

A sacrifice for sins of man; His role already cast.

The power of God was all around, Peace on Earth to bring;

A host of Angels all around, hailed the new-born King.


Monty Alexander 18.12.98



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