A ribbon of light upon the sea

As the great Ship plys her way,

Waves glint as shadows flee

Making way for Sun of day.


The bow’s woven trim of lace,

Swirling, curling o’er the deep,

Sweeps past in gentle grace,

Gauze of spray the breeze to reap.


Neptune, Lord of sea and sound,

Has heard the Caravelle glide by,

Seen the Clipper homeward bound,

Favoured winds on to rely.


Peace on Earth transcends the billow,

Gracious spirits fill the air,

Far from land of grass and willow,

Unwanted worry or despair.


As pushing pistons rise and fall,

Screw responds to measured beat,

Answering to the Master’s call,

Far from the engine’s heat.


Onward onward thrusts the bow,

Metal from an earthly core,

No dalliance or deviation to allow,

Charted path from shore to shore.


Mantle o’er the deep of inky blue,

Traces troughs and every fold,

In both dark and whitened hue,

Eternal; there; and ever bold.


Waters parting for the great Ship,

Falling back and in behind,

Like sealing of the smiling lip,

Leaving no trace to be found.


Consuming throbbing pulsing power,

O’er the wastes and through the night

Onward onward ever hour,

Into the dawn’s emerging light.


Monty Alexander 19.7.05

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