The eternal essence of all life has fallen on the land;

Washing petal, leaf and grass a picture sharp and grand.

At times a symbol from our God, the Halo does appear;

Entrancing those beholding by refraction through each tear.


Now Bacon measured the angle from its zenith to the ground;

Newtown counted the colours in that arch perfect and round.

Each were equally mystified, like the Greeks of long ago;

Whose thoughts did reel in fury to find why it was so.


The colour Red reminds me of the Shepherd’s sky at night;

And banners of the brave who stand for what is right.

Orange recalls from memory, fragrance of a warmer clime;

Where Crusader faced an enemy in that bygone time.


Yellow is the Whins of spring, or patchwork autumn shades;

That herald the chills of winter as the summer fades.

Sheen of green, it is sweet a blend of plant and tree;

Covering all in glory, the forest and the lea.


Blue reflects the Artist’s brush and lagoons of a southern sea;

Or the mantle of the morning as dark corners flee.

Violet that ethereal tone is also in the fray;

Subtly merging with Indigo in heavenly display.


The Royal tinge of Purple raises thoughts of ‘Patrician Rome’;

And those marching Legions who made the World their home.

Thus, this majestic coloured curve in celestial glowing light;

Has enthralled the mind of man since the flood petered out of sight.


The Rainbow was ordained by God to rise where Eagles fly;

Sealing his promise to Noah, no more floods for all to die.

The indispensable nectar of life now falls as gentle rain;

That Bow in amazing grandeur to appear again and again.


Monty Alexander 20.5.97



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