Long-case clock made by Richard Bullock, Clockmaker of Ellesmere c1750




Proudly tall with its back to the wall

Afforded life by the winding key;

Faithfully showing the time to us all,

Having been here longer than me.


Ticking away over two hundred years,

Generations have looked on its face;

In those moments of joy fear and tears,

Here in its chosen place.


Venerated and old before Waterloo,

Of oak, spindle and brass it was born;

By the hand of the Maestro, skilled and true,

To measure each day from the morn.


Left and right the pendulum swings

A slave to gravitational power;

Calibration ensures the bell always rings,

To count out the daily hour.


Endeavours are sure to feature and fade,

But it will tick on as before;

The passing pageant of life on parade

Onward through history’s door.


Monty Alexander 21.5.2020

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