STAR OF BETHLEHEM (Campanula isohhylla)


Within the perpetual passage of time

As the Creator surveyed his plan;

He knew that the day had come

For his Son to descend as man.


Above the birthplace to hover a Star,

Never seen or shown before;

To herald the King’s arrival

Now told in ancient lore.


My existence is a living sign

A symbol to great and small;

Of that celestial diadem

So you can recall.


Named for the ‘Star of Bethlehem’,

My flowers are pure and white;

To remind you of the ‘Christ Child’

In the Manger’s gentle light.


Place me on a window sill

Where I’ll always face the Sun;

Through each day of every month

As the seasons run.


A garland of profusion

Is my gift by God’s decree;

Heart shaped leaves in abundance

With blooms for all to see.


Monty Alexander 5.2.97

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