‘Tis Christmas Eve in starry night,

Oncoming sleep the children fight;

They listen for the sleigh bell ring,

Thinking of what it will bring.


They see Reindeer prancing in the sky,

As across the heavens they fly,

Pulling Santa-Claus along behind,

Determined every child to find.


Parcels big and parcels small;

Oh! They hope for him to call,

Fulfilling each sought after dream,

With his sleigh and Reindeer team.


Bread and milk laid on the floor,

At the hearth which is his door,

To help him on his cheery way,

He cannot wait, he cannot stay.


A job well done before the morn,

Sooty clothes all scratched and torn;

He brings happiness and pleasure,

Surprising gifts for each to treasure.


Looking to childhood we remember,

Hopefully longing for December;

As you ponder the past please pause,

To pray for peace and Santa-Claus.


Monty Alexander 24.12.98





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