The power of word will last and last,

When monuments have crumbled,

Drawing memories from our past,

After mighty towers have crumbled.


Thoughts surviving time and span,

From those with gifted vision;

Immortalised in words of man,

With merit and precision.


When paper lies in dank decay;

Minds of men will still relate;

Philosophies enshrined of another day,

In speech from a forgotten date.


Blest is the one who can inspire,

The labyrinth of time and thought;

Their words of wisdom will never tire,

Of values that cannot be bought.


The material world is nothing new,

Placating avarice and greed;

Its treat to eye will fade from view,

Words recording sin and deed.


And thus, the Gospels speak to all;

From pages of antiquity;

Not hidden ’neath the funeral pall;

Of Calvary’s iniquity.


Monty Alexander   Easter 2003


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