There is a place that I adore

It lies to the north off a northern shore


Surrounded by a rolling sea

That beckons through my dreams to me


Oh Rathlin!  I miss your rugged scene

‘Tis many years since I have been


Upon the land where I was born

To welcome the arrival of the morn


I left you as an orphan boy

As famine all life did destroy


With grip of steel I held the oar

As tears welled up within my core


Moving away in that open boat

I felt the sadness in my throat


Pulling the oar, less time to think

And then you were gone in just a blink


As rain and mist rolled across the sea

Putting a blind between you and me


I was lost and devoid of hope

With not a thought how I would cope


At first, I wanted to return

Fear drive me on and you to spurn


I remained with our lowly band

And we sailed to a far-off land


Where I grew up, strong as a tree

On the other side of the Atlantic Sea


It was my role to succeed and proper

But it is my boyhood that I foster


And to my children I relate

Those bygone days and our fate


It is to Rathlin Isle I yearn

To stand beside my Mother’s cairn


Monty Alexander 2.2.95






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