I stand upon this reeded shore at the Lough of Erne

And see the Heron’s graceful rise followed by the Tern.


The Sun in the West is sinking with the water a lustre sea,

To the wind the Sail-Boat bends weaving its way to the lee.


Silhouetted on a wooded hill is a stone-built Castle of old,

Reminding me of times gone by and fearsome stories told.


The Fisherman patiently waiting on his prey from the deep

As the Jackdaw rests its weary wing within the Castle Keep.


I see those scattered islands ever so lush and green,

With the Swan and Mallard resting from all the places they’ve been.


Another day is closing upon the Lough of Erne,

The trees a’quivering in the breeze with Iris, Rush and Fern.


Monty Alexander 6.7.96

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