In the presence of – MOUNT ERRIGAL


Mist embroiders Mount Errigal’s crown,

In the winter of the year;

The wind, rain and sleet sweeping down,

Enough to force forth a tear.


Withal one still sees endeavours of old,

In the vale of brown grasses below;

A donkey explores an ancient sheep fold,

Beside where white waters flow.


High ruin of a Church silhouetted alone,

Aloof o’er the ‘Poisoned Glen’;

Where in the past some went to atone,

Refuge of mere mortal men.


‘Neath the canopy grey of a menacing sky,

Lost images haunt this place;

A granite headstone on its back doth lie,

Rather than upright in grace.


Clouds separate, then a brilliance of light!

Streaks across river and land;

Reminding that we’re all in God’s sight,

Wherever we happen to stand.


The haze on the mountain rises away,

All of its host to reveal;

Whilst waters reflect the sun of the day,

Till clouds close again and conceal.


Monty Alexander 7.2.04

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