HELEN – Hugh Alexander 1909

Have you ever seen Helen or listened her song,

On a calm summer eve when it echoed along?

From her garden of roses o’er valleys and dells;

By the green shady banks of the Bann where she dwells.


Within sight of the blue misty mountains of Mourne,

And the town of Banbridge; Oh, could nature adorn,

A more exquisite scene with a colleen more fair?

No! The greatest attainment of beauty is there.


Such a blending of mischief and tenderness lies,

In the light of her smile and the blue of her eyes,

And the sound of her laugh is so pleasant to hear,

That no heart could be heavy when Helen is near.


There is nothing on earth that would ever compare,

With the clustering curls of her golden-brown hair,

And no lovelier hue on the clouds is impressed,

When the glory of sunset is gilding the west.


Long long may her blue eyes continue to shine,

Out her beautiful message of love into mine,

And long may the true love that so brightens her smile,

Make a heaven for me of this green-bosomed isle.


Hugh Alexander 1909

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