All my friends are ‘Winos’ and I’m a ‘Wino’ too,

I hanker after spirits and I like what ‘winos’ do.


When I was young, I saw them, sprawled about the town;

To hear intoxicated humour; beside them I’d sit down.


Funny words from bloated faces through dirt infested hair;

People kept their distance to avoid them lying there.


But they were my heroes, to be known and adored,

And I joined them in their folly, so as not to be ignored.


I hunkered down along with them as the Public hurried by;

Sometimes to curse and rip and roast at anyone I’d spy.


At the tender age of sixteen I was on my murky merry way;

The ‘Devil’s Brew’ beckoning me every night and day.


Years of youth have passed me by in the foulness of my taste;

Against all my companions I am the most debased.


With matted hair and soiled clothes, I stagger down the street,

And get a kick in horror shown from those I chance to meet.


But my money is as good as any other, whenever I buy drink;

The fellow puts it in his till no matter how I stink.


Then if you look, you’ll find me in the centre of the town,

An affront to society; sometimes playing the clown.


I don’t give a damn about anyone and they don’t care for me;

Someday I’ll die; maybe not waken up; and that’s the way it’ll be.


If you think my rhyme distasteful and jaundiced in its view,

Let it not disguise the fact; every word of it is true!


Monty Alexander 2.2.03









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