On a rainswept December day in 2005, the people of Belfast and the World paid tribute and gave thanks for the life of George Best a Footballer of repute.




They came from beyond and near,

The tears of Heaven falling down;

Anointing all who held him dear,

For his being and renown.


Within Hallowed Hall upon the hill,

Under light from glittering chandelier;

They gathered a tribute to fulfil,

Here and there the falling tear.


Slowly up the avenue it came,

Sombre chariot of the dead;

For the last farewell to him of fame,

In faces of those mourners read.


The skirl of Piper rent the air,

In salve of grief to penetrate,

Everyone that heard it there,

Sorrowful, humble and the great.


Here was Father, Son, Brother, Friend,

Of him untouched by hate;

A cause for all to mix and blend,

This was the zenith of his fate.


Illustrious, glorious, reverent crowd,

Paying homage to a mighty talent;

Son and Father so sad and proud,

Of a kinsman shy and gallant.


Then the chariot to his place of rest,

After eulogy, homily, prayer and song;

For Genius, Master, Maestro, ‘Best’;

In our flawed lives you belong.


Monty Alexander 3.12.05

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