When I was young I spent my days beside the River Bann,

As it meandered through County Down along its banks I ran.


Or I would sit upon a knoll and with great patience wait,

For that elusive king size fish to take my subtle bait.


Then I grew up and wandered off to countries great and far,

Wherever there was money, that was my guiding star.


I dug for gold in mountain chains near California’s shore,

I cursed the Sun for going down because I wanted more.


With natives I oft traded beads for treasures they knew not,

In single minded purpose, what I pursued I got.


I smuggled every item and contraband by the ton,

Sometimes from the Revenue man I had to cut and run.


I have achieved my purpose and accumulated spoil,

But was it really worth it all, for my soul to soil?


From my palatial home here in this foreign clime,

I think back to Erin’s Isle in another sphere of time.


That was when I had real wealth, on the revolving wheel of fate,

Not as I sit old and grey contemplating my estate.


Monty Alexander 17.3.96


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