A moment in eternity, two thousand years are past,

Since the Carpenter was born, a presence made to last.


Child ‘Devine’ of Heaven’s light, revered by Wise and King,

Who with lowly Shepherds, homage to him did bring.


Knowing youth of ‘Godly Grace’, quizzed teachers of the law,

To astound with wisdom’s truth as they stood back in awe.


Guiding the chisel’s driven bite and hands around the plane,

He shaped items of that world, never the same again.


The time then came for him to leave the cutting of the tree,

And begin his Ministry on the shores of Galilee.


As foretold in sacred prophesy, also in the Baptist’s cry,

He preached salvation of our God and on him to rely.


His message as a beacon shone, for mankind to believe,

Then jealous hatred intervened with many due to grieve.


But joy emerged from shadow, when he rose from the dead,

Disciples all empowered, his deeds and word to spread.


Monty Alexander 1.1.2000


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