An appreciation of HRH PRINCE PHILIP, Duke of Edinburgh



A Prince of deep waters now is gone,

In the whirlpool of eternity;

No longer to linger this world upon,

On either land or sea.


Hand of providence o’er him,

In cauldrons of total war;

To sail across great waters grim,

To oceans near and far.


Both trials of grief and fate,

On his shoulders to abide;

No glory or vanity to relate,

Duty’s call his only pride.


Demand of tumult taken up,

Not to boast or preen;

Having drank from terror’s cup

And carnage he had seen.


Called away to muster again,

With comrades lost before;

Life’s duty no longer to detain,

Embarking that final door.


Defender to his resting place,

Befitting his own decree;

Rugged transport; not of grace;

Like warhorses of the sea.


Monty Alexander 19.4.21

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