The day was bright and still the breeze

When a veil was lifted from that scene;

As I gazed from a mountain frieze

Into a valley lush and green.


Behold an ancient city of long ago,

Turrets, spires and adornment there;

Neatly laid across that valley low,

Transfixed I could but stare.


It felt preordained for me to see,

Those wonders from a bygone place;

Nestling in this hidden mountain lea,

All built with care and grace.


In reality I knew it was not there,

Yet clear and vivid to be seen;

Through crisp unjaded highland air,

A vision of what once had been.


Then a hovering figure called to me,

From o’er that splendid scene;

“We are the future that you see;

Still unborn and not what’s been”.


The vision dimmed and faded fast,

A glimpse of time to be!

Glorious things before me cast;

Oh! Why for me to see?


Monty Alexander 16.8.2017

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