In my dreams I see a place

Which in my memory I can trace,

Within a vale on Erin’s Isle,

On a road beside a stile.

Overlooking a field of golden corn,

Leading to the cot where I was born.


It was just there in noon’s full glare,

I fell bewitched by her auburn hair;

She walked as straight as any rush,

The grass her feet did gently brush;

To speak I could not find my tongue,

I was shy and very young.


She simply smiled on gliding by,

Her eyes the blue of a summer sky;

Each a delicate ‘Forget-Me-Not’,

Enraptured I stood upon that spot.

Watching her perfect form depart,

As Cupid’s arrows pierced my heart.


From whence she came I do not know,

And after her I did not go;

In all my wanderings beyond the foam,

I still dream of my Irish home;

To me that Colleen is still there,

Young and fresh with her auburn hair.


Monty Alexander 2.3.96





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