A MEMORY OF CHILDHOOD (Purdysburn River)


Beyond the years I see a boy

All red of hair and freckled;

Somewhat shy and a little coy,

As the thrush, complexion speckled.


Padding along the river’s bank,

Seeking fish beneath the sedge;

Pulling rushes long and lank,

Beside the water’s edge.


St Bridget’s crosses he is weaving

And tossing stones into the flow;

The larger ones he is heaving,

Into darkened pools below.


Amidst the verdant grass and trees,

Nothing ‘scapes his roving eye;

Kingfisher poised o’er water pleases,

Diving, dipping then to fly.


The golden hair now turned to silver,

Gone those carefree days of yore;

But onward onward flows the river,

Timeless and for evermore.


Monty Alexander 6.3.2016

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