A CROSS OF COURAGE (Tribute to the RUC GC)

Unplanned theirs the path of glory,

Fraught with danger so intent;

Prolonged perils of a stirring story,

With a courage never spent.


Bestowed the Cross of George a sign,

On the living and the dead;

Who stalwartly held duty’s line,

As their youth and years sped.


Away the Harp and Crown flown,

On its ground of regal red;

Entwined with wreath of laurel sown,

In the blood of those who bled.


When all pass o’er the farther shore,

The ‘Silver Cross’ will serve remind;

Of the brave; no more, no more;

Deeds to recall their kind.


Monty Alexander 21.1.06

1 thought on “A CROSS OF COURAGE (Tribute to the RUC GC)

  1. Hello Monty, I just wanted to tell you I have enjoyed your poetry. Thank-you.

    I will always remember the night you drove me to safety on Water Street in January 74. Thank-you! Saved my life!!

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